Recent Updates At Vetstarter

Now a 501c3 Non-Profit

This was a great week for Vetstarter. On Wednesday we received a letter from the IRS declaring that we are now a certified 501c3 non-profit organization. Vetstarter will begin funding campaigns very shortly.

Mentoring To Commence Soon

The mentor section of Vetstarter is going live within the next month. If you have not already spoken with us about getting your video added to the initial launch now is t…

Camp Pendleton Entrepreneurs Group Announced

Jeff Rodriguez, Vetstarter co-founder, announced the formation of the Camp Pendleton Entrepreneurs Group. The first meeting will occur October 17th at the Wounded Warrior Bn, Bldg 27847.

If you have ever considered starting a business this is a great opportunity for you to network and learn how to get vetStarted.

Please RSVP on the website below.

Link to…

Welcome to Vetstarter!

Here you will have the opportunity to hear from the service disabled Veterans whose lives you have changed through your generous donations and…

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